Our Residents Enjoy A Tubing Adventure

With temperatures soaring into the 90’s this week, everyone’s looking for the best way to cool down. Some think it’s by drinking lots of lemonade, sweet tea or water. Others run for the comforts of the AC. But really, most people would just like to take a nice dip in a refreshing pool.
But what do you do if you don’t have a pool? At The Hope Center, you go tubing on the creek!
We are fortunate to own property just outside of Hagerstown near Cearfoss. On the property we have our Good Samaritan Lodge which is home to some of our graduates. Also on that property is our farm which is home to pigs, chickens, and cows. Located on the opposite end of our property is the outdoor recreation area for Camp Wild, which is set to open the 2012 camp season on July 9th.
While there is plenty of land for ministry use, the favorite feature of the property, by far, especially during the summer months is the Conococheague Creek that runs the entire length of our property. During Camp Wild, the kids enjoy swimming and playing in the creek. On the Lodge side, our men enjoy fishing and relaxing on the banks.
But sometimes it’s just so hot that you need to go for a dip. Or grab a tube. And as the thermometer kept pushing higher and higher on Wednesday, our men were able to take a break from their work and classes to enjoy a little time outside in God’s creation.
The Foundations staff and residents were able to have some fun and fellowship as they went tubing down the creek. For some of the guys who were born and raised in the city, this was their first time “tubing on a creek!” It’s always nice for our residents to have a break and just enjoy living as they fight to renew the life that God gave them. It’s important to teach our residents that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and that can be done without alcohol, drugs or the many other addictions that control people. We want them to see that God has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy and sometimes it’s important to just step away and take time to fellowship and enjoy the gift of each day.
Remember to pray for our residents as they daily fight to overcome the sin that has ruined relationships and destroyed their spirit. Pray that God continues to work in their hearts, and that they will continue to grow and pursue a Godly life even after they leave our program.