Chad Had Completely Given Up…and Then God Intervened

Meet Chad.

Chad is a young guy who is a part of the Foundations life-recovery program at the Hope Center. Chad has been a member of the program for about three months.

Chad’s story isn’t one that most people would expect from someone staying at a rescue mission. But Chad’s story is one that is becoming the norm in our society as the war of drugs digs deeper into our culture.

Chad grew up in a well-to-do family in Baltimore. His life may have been similar to many people we know. He had a good life but poor choices lead to destructive habits that nearly cost him everything.

In 2006, Chad began using pain killers as a result of injuries he received playing football. As that addiction grew, it soon wasn’t enough and he started using heroin. His life began to fall apart as the heroin soon began to take control. In and out of the treatment centers all up and down the East Coast, Chad recalls, “My life was hopeless. I had completely given up and had turned to drugs and crime.“ Without receiving any real help, Chad continued on a path of destruction until he landed in jail for two months this past year. Chad knew he needed a program that was going to offer a real way to change.

That is when God intervened in his life. God brought Chad to the Hope Center. And Chad can attest that the Hope Center has done something that no other facility could do – create a genuine change in his life. His life needed God’s help to change. And the Hope Center provided Chad with a facility and staff dedicated to helping him not only abandon his life of drugs but replace that with Christ.

Chad will gladly tell you that through God’s help and his spiritual training at the Hope Center he has completely given up drugs and smoking.

A proud Baltimore Ravens fan, Chad can be currently seen working in the kitchen and on the donation dock. He really enjoys being able to talk to people and thank them for giving and helping to keep the Hope Center open at no cost for people like him.

Chad has a home at the Hope Center. He’s creating positive relationships with the other men in the program while also slowly repairing the broken relationship with his family. He says that the Hope Center has helped him work on his “humility, patience and attitude”.

And he’s looking to the future. He’s hopeful and focused on eventually returning  to college to continue working towards receiving a degree.

Because of the faithful support of people like you, Chad has been given the opportunity to meet God and confront the sin that was destroying his life. Since we don’t accept any government funding, we rely heavily on financial donations from individuals and groups as well as the proceeds generated from our Thrift Stores. These combined revenues help to keep the doors of the Hope Center open for people just like Chad and the countless others who have been desperately seeking to change their lives and searching for hope.

Please continue to pray for Chad as he grows in his relationship with Christ. And pray for all the men who are currently in the program and the many others that will walk through our doors this year.

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