Share-A-Haircut is Back!

Hairy Cuttery is back again hosting their annual Share-A-Haircut program. This year’s Share-A-Haircut program is from August 1-15, 2017.

What’s Share-A-Haircut? Well, it’s the community’s opportunity to give a disadvantaged kid in our area the chance to have a fresh haircut for back-to-school for free. For every kid’s (18 and under) haircut purchased at local Hair Cuttery locations a free haircut certificate will be given to kids in need. For over 18 years Hair Cuttery has been helping give free haircuts to disadvantaged kids in communities around the nation.

The Hope Center is proud to be participating again with Hair Cuttery to provide our guests’ children with the free haircut certificates. We’ve handed out hundreds of certificates to families the past several years that we have been participating.

As we are currently hosting Camp Wild, we have a unique opportunity to make strong connections and build positive relationships with hundreds of kids and their families in our area. Haircuts provided will help these families save some money and give their kids a fresh start to their new school year.

So please join us in spreading the word to your friends, family, church, civic club, coworkers, and anyone else you can think of.

Something so simple as a free haircut can make a huge difference in the life of someone else. Thank you for caring and sharing for disadvantaged kids in our community.

Hagerstown has 3 local Hair Cuttery’s:

  • CROSSPOINT SHOPPING CENTER – 17251 Cole Rd // 301.582.0296
  • HAGERSTOWN COMMONS – 1733 Dual Highway // 301.745.9726
  • SHOPPES AT HAGERSTOWN – 18035 Garland Groh Blvd // 301.714.0003

To learn more about Hair Cuttery, local shop operating hours, or Share-A-Haircut please visit


Hair Cuttery Share-a-Haircut is Back!

We’re sure that you are having as much fun as we are enjoying summer.

From barbeques, to Camp Wild, to vacations, swimming pools and chasing lightning bugs at dusk, summer is truly a magical time of year.

But as we all know, all good things must come to an end. And as we delight in each new summer morning, we slowly march closer to fall.

In just a few short weeks it’ll be back to school time and a return to the regularly scheduled lifestyle most American families are accustomed to.

With back to school time approaching comes the fun of preparing for the big day by shopping for new clothes, backpacks, school supplies and getting fresh haircuts for the first day.

Unfortunately, there are kids right here in Hagerstown who don’t get to share in all the fun of back to school preparations.

Even as our economy has slowly improved, many American families are still struggling to provide basic necessities for their children. Haircuts can often times be an after thought, or not even a thought at all.

We’re proud to be part of Hair Cuttery’s Share a Haircut again this year! As in the past, every time a child, up to age 18, purchases a haircut, Hair Cuttery will donate a free haircut certificate to a child in need.

Hair Cuttery 2015

The Share-a-Haircut program will last from August 1-15. All local Hair Cuttery salons are participating in this program. So take your kids and spread the word to your friends and family to join you at Hair Cuttery to get fresh haircuts and provide one for underprivileged kids in Hagerstown.

There are three very convenient Hair Cuttery’s in the Hagerstown area.

  • Valley Mall – 17301 Valley Mall Rd., 301.582.4386
  • Hagerstown Commons – 1733 Dual Highway,301.745.9726
  • Shoppes at Hagerstown – 18035 Garland Groh Blvd.,  301.714.0003

For more information about Hair Cuttery salons, including salon hours and current wait times, please go to

Please join us in helping to give kids a fresh start to a new school year with a fresh cut from Hair Cuttery! Thank you for caring & sharing in our community!

Share a Haircut is Back!

Hair Cuttery is once again hosting ‘Share a Haircut’. The popular chain of hair salons has partnered with us in the past to provide free haircuts for kids in need.

hair cuttery

This time, though, it’s a little different. Instead of providing haircuts for only children in need, the Hair Cuttery will provide haircuts for anyone of any age in need.

Here’s how it works: on February 4th & 5th, any person who receives a haircut from a local Hair Cuttery will help provide a free haircut to homeless or needy individuals in our community. For each haircut given during those two days, Hair Cuttery will provide The Hope Center with a certificate for a free haircut to give to someone in need.

It’s a simple thing. Get your haircut from Hair Cuttery and help a neighbor in need. Visit one of the three convenient Hair Cuttery locations in Hagerstown. Locations are listed below. If you’d like to learn more about Hair Cuttery, go to

We are so happy to partner with Hair Cuttery to provide a new haircut to those who are struggling. It’s amazing how a new haircut can boost morale and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Please join us in providing that smile at Hair Cuttery! Stop by one of their Hagerstown locations on February 4th & 5th! You’ll get a great haircut & provide a free haircut to someone in need.

Hair Cuttery locations:

  • Valley Mall – 17301 Valley Mall Road – 301.582.4386
  • Hagerstown Commons – 1733 Dual Highway – 301.745.9726
  • Shoppes at Hagerstown – 18035 Garland Groh Blvd – 301.714.0003

Time for a Haircut!

During the month of August, Hair Cuttery salons across America were hosting a special event to donate haircuts to kids in need.

Share a Haircut COLOR

For every child’s haircut during the month of August, Hair Cuttery would provide a free haircut for kids in need.

We’re pleased to announce that Hair Cuttery has provided us with 400 coupons to hand out to families in need of haircuts for their children!

Hair Cuttery believes, as do we, that a fresh haircut for a child can boost confidence and set the tone for a positive school year. The free haircut can also help families on very tight budgets who might not be able to provide haircuts for their children.

If you know of any families with children, up to age 18, who could benefit from complimentary haircuts, please contact us immediately. The vouchers are good through November 15, 2013.

We are so thankful to partner with Hair Cuttery. We appreciate everyone in Hagerstown for going to Hair Cuttery during the month of August to help provide a better tomorrow for people in need. While it may sound silly, a free haircut can help provide a sense of hope for families struggling.

For more information about how to receive a haircut voucher, please call 301.739.1165 or email

Help Kids in Need by Getting a Haircut!

Now is a great time to take your kids to get their hair cut. Why, you ask? Well, not just because you want your kids to have presentable hair, but also because you have the opportunity to give a child in need a haircut as well!

hair cuttery

That’s right. If you take your kids, ages 18 and under, to Hair Cuttery during the month of August, Hair Cuttery will provide a free haircut to a child in need in our community.

Hair Cuttery has partnered with The Hope Center, as well as other organizations, in the past to provide children in need with the opportunity to have a haircut for back-to-school.

Share a Haircut COLOR

Thousands of children & their families across America have benefited from this wonderful program. And now that Hair Cuttery has extended the offer for the entire month of August, thousands more will hopefully be helped!

It’s amazing how important a fresh cut can be to someone, including children. And when parents are on a budget, often times haircuts are done at home to save money. This is your opportunity to talk to your own children about how important it is to help neighbors in need.

So go ahead and plan to visit one of the three convenient Hair Cuttery locations in Hagerstown. And be sure to tell your family, friends & neighbors about this wonderful opportunity during the month of August.

Hair Cuttery does not require reservations. Just pick a day and stop by!

Hair Cuttery has three locations in Hagerstown:

  • Valley Mall – 17301 Valley Mall Rd
  • Hagerstown Commons – 1733 Dual Highway
  • Shoppes at Hagerstown – 18035 Garland Groh Blvd

If you are interested in learning more about these locations, including hours, please go to

Thank you for helping to bring HOPE to Hagerstown!

Time for a Haircut!

The Hair Cuttery’s 13th annual ‘Share a Haircut’ program concluded at the end of August and we’re happy to announce that it was a huge success again this year!

Nationwide, over 75,000 haircuts were given at the Hair Cuttery for the program! Customers at the Hair Cuttery were very supportive of the program and were glad to help kids in need.

We are pleased to announce that because of the success of the program, we have been given 300 vouchers for kids & teens up to the age of 18. The coupons are good for a shampoo, conditioner, cut & blowdry at any Hair Cuttery location until December 13, 2012.

These coupons are for under-privileged children who are in need of a haircut. If you know of children in the area who could use a free haircut, please contact our offices immediately. We want to make sure that all kids have the opportunity to receive a good haircut for school.

If you’re interested in obtaining a coupon while supplies last, please call us at 301.739.1165 during regular business hours M-F 8:30am-4:30pm. You can also email us at

The next time you are in need of a haircut for yourself, don’t forget about Hair Cuttery!

The Hair Cuttery has three convienent locations in Hagerstown.

  • Valley Mall: 17301 Valley Mall Road
  • Hagerstown Commons: 1733 Dual Highway
  • Shoppes at Hagerstown: 18035 Garland Groh Blvd

For hours of operation or for more info about the company, please go to