Congrats Graduates!

Earlier this summer we were able to celebrate with our residents as three of them graduated from our Foundations Life Recovery program.

Our Foundations Life Recovery program is a free 13-month addiction and life rehabilitation program that helps men conquer the sins that destroy their bodies, relationships and lives. During the 13-months in the program, the men attend classes, Bible studies, and participate in work programs. These classes and programs help to educate the men about their true identity and purpose that God has for them in this life.

Some of the men who join the program have been raised in the church or Christian homes while others are brand new to the life-changing message of Christ. All of the men are dealing with addictions of some sort whether they are alcohol, drugs and pornography. The majority of the guys who come seeking help are trying desperately to stop the destruction of themselves, having already lost jobs, houses, and most importantly, relationships with family & friends.

While in our program, the guys live in our dorm and are fed, clothed and counseled for free, thanks to the generous support of our neighbors, friends, churches and other organizations in the community who fund The Hope Center. Many of the men have nothing left when they walk in the door. But they leave having gained so much for so little!

We are so thankful for the staff, volunteers and churches who help to bring the message of God’s love into the hearts of these men who Satan has enjoyed destroying. For the staff at The Hope Center, to be able to watch our residents graduate is a deeply emotional and incredibly exciting moment. Knowing how dark their lives once were and to see them glowing with the happiness of Christ, it’s a feeling that words can barely describe. Each one of these men was once a forgotten soul that Satan had thought he devoured. But God saw them for their potential in all of their sin and He had something great planned for them.

The men in our Foundations Life Recovery program have a lot of obstacles to conquer. From breaking the addictions, to learning who they can trust, to rebuilding their self value, to dealing with personal demons, there are many roadblocks in the path to recovery but these men who graduated fought the good fight and gave the other guys in the program the courage to continue their own fight to sobriety and salvation.




So join us in congratulating the three men who got the victory this summer. Frank Shortt, Troy Robinson and Bill Rice all completed the Foundations Life Recovery program and were honored at a moving ceremony for them. Staff, family, friends and volunteers were invited to join in the celebratory ceremony where guest speaker, Matt Sargent, spoke. Following the ceremony, graduates, residents, staff and guests all gathered together for a time of fellowship in our dining room.

Jeff Duncan & SisterDSC_0079

We’ve asked each of the three men to give us a brief testimony of their journey towards recovery. Here is what they said:

Frank Shortt

Frank Shortt 2015I came to The Hope Center in September of 2013 out of desperation and loss of hope. Since coming here, God has done something in my life that I, and my loved ones, would never had thought possible.

God has, and is, changing this heart that was hardened and broken. Among many other things, He has given hope where there was no hope.

For now, my future plans consist of building my relationship with God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, along with my two biological sons.

Troy Robinson

Troy RobinsonWhen I came to The Hope Center in January of 2013 I was lost, scrambling to gain meaningful sobriety. Not just drinking and drugging, which I had succumbed to, but being able to live purposefully.

While in the program, God taught me that Jesus is the only way. He is the truth. He is the life. The hopeless can find hope in the Almighty. There is victory in Jesus.

My future plans are to finish well, rejoicing in the Lord always. “Let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” (Hebrews 12:1)

Bill Rice

William Rice 2015I am 55 years old and I have struggled with alcoholism both as an unbeliever and a believer. Before coming to The Hope Center I attended Bible College but I succumbed to my addiction and fell away from the Lord. So in 2007 I enrolled in the Foundations Life Recovery program and progressed well until I blew it and was released from the program. I attribute my failure to spiritual pride because I had a knowledge of the Word that other members of the program did not.

In 2014 I knew I had to get help and asked to return to the program at The Hope Center. I finished the program and remained sober the whole time. God has dealt a lot with me in the spiritual pride area but He is still working on me.

It is my desire someday to be in ministry, but I find as a graduate that I struggle with handling freedom. I would appreciate your prayers that I would give God total control of every area of my life.


Please continue to pray for these men as they venture out on their own, back into the world where Satan has plenty of temptations waiting for them. Pray that they continue to fight the fight and stay strong in the Lord.

And thank you, to each of you who has invested in the lives of these men and everyone else who has come to The Hope Center seeking help in some form. From prayers, to volunteering, to hosting a chapel service, to donating food, shopping in our Thrift Stores and financially supporting us so we can continue to provide this ministry for free, God has used you to help change a life. You may not realize it or even think about it but these three men, and the countless other individuals and families helped at The Hope Center, are because of faithful friends like you who God has called to help change this city and win it for Christ.

Thank you for partnering with us as we celebrate 60 years and thousands upon thousands of lives changed in Hagerstown!


Koffee Klatch Says Goodbye…for Now

On Thursday, June 5th, Koffee Klatch had their final meeting for the season.

Instead of the traditional donuts and Bible study time, the season finale was a delicious lunch and time of fellowship, praise and celebration. Following the Bible study, the women had a wonderful time eating and socializing. The ladies all prepared food for the celebration and there was plenty of delicious food to be had!


Usually, the Bible study follows the fellowship time, but this day was a little different. The ladies sang some songs, shared some stories, prayed together and gave special thanks to those who help make Koffee Klatch successful.

We, too, want to take a minute to thank the people who work behind the scenes to make Koffee Klatch possible each week. Becky Shank, who works in our administrative office, makes sure that all the food & coffee is prepped and ready to go each Thursday. She sets up the fellowship area and cleans up after each Koffee Klatch. We also want to thank the two very special ladies who lead Koffee Klatch each week. Dorcas Black, who works in our Sorting Ministry (donated goods), and Anna Nunemaker, a volunteer and former missionary to Africa, team lead Koffee Klatch each week. We are so thankful for their service to the ministry and their heart for all the women who attend.


Anna Nunemaker, who usually teaches Koffee Klatch, brought a special speaker to give the ladies a word of encouragement. Anna’s granddaughter, Melanie, who lives in Switzerland, was visiting her grandmother and accompanied her to Koffee Klatch. Melanie, who travels Europe to speak about Science and the Bible, spoke to the women about using every opportunity, whether good or bad, to show the world who God truly is. She talked about how Satan may try to use a situation for evil, but can use it for good. She encouraged the ladies to keep up the fight during the summer break and remember that no matter what happens in life, always remember God means it for good.

During the Bible study time, the ladies in attendance gave God praise for the many blessings and prayers answered during this year. Many of the ladies talked about how God provided miracles in their lives, healed relatives and friends, and how He opened doors through various means to allow the women to share Christ with total strangers.


Many of the women noted that Koffee Klatch is something that helps them grow in the Lord and is an activity that is much needed in their lives. One lady even said that the thing she loves most about Koffee Klatch is seeing women from all different churches, denominations, ages, and social backgrounds coming together at the weekly Bible study to worship God and grow spiritually.


And she’s right. One of the most beautiful things about Koffee Klatch is the blending of women from all over the area. Some women are Baptists, others Brethren, and others Mennonite. There are women who have careers, others who are retired, and some who are housewives. The differences of these women show the power of God’s Word. It’s a unifying force that draws people together who would never usually mix. It’s the common thread that creates lasting friendships and breaks down barriers and stereotypes among humans. These women don’t see each other with the man-made labels we often give each other. They see each other as daughters of God. They’re sisters in Christ and they’re coming together to teach each other, support each other, pray for each other, love each other, and grow in the Lord together.

And this is why we want to encourage you to join us in the fall when Koffee Klatch returns. This is a great opportunity to create new friendships, help other women through various situations, and learn more about God in a different atmosphere. Koffee Klatch is free and open to any women who have some time each Thursday to attend.

And don’t forget to invite your friends, too! Bring your mom, sister, coworker, neighbor, and join us for a very informal worship time together. There’s so much that we can learn from each other so why not stop by? Unfortunately we don’t provide childcare. If you would like to learn more about Koffee Klatch, call 301.739.1165 or email

Have a great summer, ladies, and we’ll see you in the fall!



Koffee Klatch Season Finale is Thursday!

Ladies, this Thursday is the last meeting of Koffee Klatch until the fall.

And since we’re saying goodbye for the summer, we’ve decided to make it a little special. Instead of having a time of donuts and fellowship before the Bible study, we’re serving lunch after!

koffee klatch season finale-page1

This special Koffee Klatch starts at 10am instead of 9am in the Trinity Center. Our Bible study, prayer time and worship session will take place first followed by a delicious lunch.

And like usual, this entire event is free! This is a great opportunity to invite other ladies who don’t normally take part in Bible studies or regularly fellowship with other Godly women.

Again, Koffee Klatch this Thursday starts at 10am in the Trinity Center followed by a lunch. If you have any questions please call 301.739.1165.

We hope to see you there!

Koffee Klatch Returns in September!

Ladies, if you’re looking for a great Bible study and fellowship time with other women, then you need to visit Koffee Klatch.

Koffee Klatch 1Koffee Klatch is a weekly Bible study & time of fellowship devoted just for women at The Hope Center. Each Thursday at 9am, the ladies come together for a time of conversation & fellowship over fresh coffee and delicious donuts in the dining room at The Hope Center. At 10am, they begin the Bible study in the Dr. Jimmy Resh Memorial Chapel located next to the dining room.

During the Bible study the women sing, share stories, encourage one another, pray for each other and hear a valuable lesson from God’s Word.

If you are looking for a wonderful opportunity to mingle and bond with other women of faith in Hagerstown, then you need to stop by Koffee Klatch. This is a free Bible study and is open to any woman who is interested in learning more about God and being encouraged by other women.

The new season of Koffee Klatch starts on Thursday, September 5th. For more info, please call 301.739.1165 or email us at

Koffee Klatch Celebrates Another Year

Just like the local schools, Koffee Klatch has come to an end this year.

For those of you who may not know much about Koffee Klatch, it’s a weekly morning Bible study and fellowship for ladies during the school year.

Each Thursday from September to June the faithful group of ladies meet together at 10am in the Jim Resh Memorial Chapel to have a time of singing, sharing and Bible study.

The ladies can join us at 9am each Thursday for a time of fellowship with hot coffee and fresh Krumpes donuts! The ladies can sit and mingle during this time and build strong friendships and bonds.

But the last meeting of Koffee Klatch is always a special event. This year the ladies met in our multipurpose building, the Trinity Center, for a time of fellowship, food, singing and study. The women each brought something delicious to eat and everyone had a great time just socializing with each other.

Dorcas Black presented a beautiful flower basket to Anna Nunemaker, sister of the late Ellen Resh, in recognition of her faithful service as leader of the Bible study each week. Anna has been serving the Lord in this capacity for years and we are thankful for her faithful service to teaching these women each week.

Even though Koffee Klatch is over for the season, it won’t be long until it’s back again in the fall! If you or someone you know is looking for a good ladies’ Bible study and fellowship time then call us at 301.739.1165 or email us at for more info about this ministry and the upcoming fall schedule.

Hey Ladies- Check Out Koffee Klatch

Ladies, do you ever wish there was a great Bible study and fellowship time just for you? Maybe you’re retired and looking for some other women in the same stage of life with whom to socialize. Perhaps you’re widowed and would love to associate with other believers who have dealt with the same issues as you.

Whether you’re retired, a stay-at-home wife, a widow or just looking for a solid Bible study and time of fellowship then you should definitely check out Koffee Klatch.

Koffee Klatch is a weekly Bible study and social time for women at the Hope Center. Each Thursday at 9 am, the dining area at the Hope Center comes to life with women mingling, laughing and enjoying donuts and coffee.

At 10 am, the ladies move into the chapel at the Hope Center for music, prayer time and a Bible lesson. This hour long service is a great time for the ladies to grow together in the Word. This is a safe place to hear how God is working and moving in the lives of other women and it can be a great opportunity for women to bring prayer concerns to each other to join together to pray.

Marie, a widow who has been attending Koffee Klatch for 10 years, says that the thing she likes the best about Koffee Klatch is the “basic Bible teaching”. She says that “as we sing & pray together there is a sense of peace and joy. We find comfort in each other and share our faith.”

For 9 years Dorothy has been attending Koffee Klatch and she feels that other women in the area should attend Koffee Klatch for “good Christian fellowship and to learn God’s Word”. She says that she really enjoys the fellowship and studying God’s Word with other Christian ladies.

If you’ve been in need of a solid Bible study geared just for women, then don’t hesitate to check out Koffee Klatch. Possibly you know of some women in your family or at your church who could benefit from extra quality time with other female believers.

Koffee Klatch is free for all women, but there is no childcare on site. The Koffee Klatch Bible study runs during the school year from September until June. The time of fellowship is from 9am-10am followed by a Bible study from 10am-11am.

If you’ve got some free time on Thursday mornings, stop by the Hope Center for Koffee Klatch! For more info call 301.739.1165 or email