Happy Birthday, Anthony!

It’s a new month which means it’s time for a party!

The first Friday of each month is Birthday Day at the Hope Center. This month we only have one resident celebrating. Anthony Derosa, a new resident, is celebrating his 27th birthday with us this month.

Since it’s March, the birthday cake was Irish-inspired which was something that the men enjoyed!

As with every resident who celebrates a birthday, Anthony gave his testimony about how he had been using cocaine and wasting his life until one day he realized that he needed a change. He quickly left his home in Montgomery County, MD and went to live with his mom in Connecticut.

Understanding that he needed real help to conquer his addictions, his mother and his parole officer got him in touch with Teen Challenge.

It was at Teen Challenge that he knew he needed to return to Maryland but his desire was not to end up back on the street or to return to the same life he had before. Teen Challenge contacted the staff of the Hope Center and everything was worked out for his entry into the program.

He’s only been a resident at the Hope Center for a few weeks but Anthony has quickly found his place and feels at home in the program. He’s thankful for a safe, positive place like the Hope Center to help him not only clean up his life but create a new life in Christ.

He can happily celebrate this birthday knowing that he’s on the path to a drug free future! Please continue to pray for Anthony and all the men who take that first step to break their addictions. It’s not an easy fight but knowing that the community is praying for them and supporting them is so important! Thank you for being a part of this ministry!

Join us in wishing Anthony a very ‘Happy Birthday’ and many more to come!

Thanks to our good friend Stormy for baking and decorating another delicious birthday cake!