Youth for Christ Club Serves Christmas Cheer!

On Saturday, December 9th some students from the Youth for Christ Club at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts provided a dinner and service for our evening guests!

The students brought chicken, provided by Brownsville Church of the Brethren and Bonnie’s at the Red Byrd. In addition to the chicken, the students had mac & cheese and delicious desserts for all of our community guests. The incredible folks at Brownsville Church of the Brethren also made goodie bags for the students to hand out to all the evening guests.

During the evening service the students led music for our guests and Bethany Norris gave a message. Following the service the students served the food they prepared and spent the evening interacting with the dinner guests.

The student volunteers had such a good time serving that several of them even commented that they couldn’t think of a better way to spend their Saturday evening. They’re hoping, and we are too, that they will be able to return in February to serve again.

If you remember, the Youth for Christ Club at BISFA hosted a benefit concert for The Hope Center back in the fall. They raised financial support for our ministry and then they followed that up with an evening of service to others. What an incredible group of young people who are showing God’s love in so many ways and using their talents and gifts to help better our community! We are just so thankful for these young people and all they’re doing to make a positive difference in our community!

Thank you Youth for Christ Club at BISFA, Brownsville Church of the Brethren, and everyone else who helped to make this a great evening for our guests!

To learn more about Brownsville Church of the Brethren visit

Brownsville Serves Some Breakfast!

On June 24, the kind folks at Brownsville Church of the Brethren invited the residents of The Hope Center to attend the 8:30am contemporary service at the church.

Following the morning worship service, the men enjoyed a delicious home-cooked breakfast at the church.

Brownsville has always been very generous and kind to the residents at The Hope Center. They invite our guys to attend services and meals twice every year. In addition, they also come several times during the year to The Hope Center to host the evening chapel service and prepare and serve meals for our residents and community guests.

We appreciate the kindness and hospitality of the people at Brownsville Church of the Brethren. If you are looking for a great church to attend then why not check out Brownsville? The church is located at 1911 Rohrersville Road, Brownsville, MD.

For more info about the church, including worship service times and other contact info go to

Brownsville Benefit Concert was a Hit

On Sunday, February 26th the Hope Center took center stage at a benefit concert hosted by Brownsville Church of the Brethren.
Our residents had a fantastic time at this event! Not only were they the guests of honor, but the men took the stage and sang “Victory in Jesus.” Two of our residents, Chad and Eddie, gave their testimonies. A free-will offering was presented to the Hope Center.
Following the concert everyone enjoyed desserts and other light refreshments provided by the people of Brownsville Church.
One of the outstanding vocalists, Bethany Norris, is a 5th grader at Pleasant Valley Elementary School. Her teacher sent letters out to every student in the school inviting them and their parents to the concert. She also asked them to make a contribution to help the Hope Center. She placed jars around the school for students to have the opportunity to give. During the concert the teacher and several of the students presented Executive Director, Sonny Shank, with a contribution totaling $247! What a blessing the students, teachers and families of Pleasant Valley Elementary are to the staff and residents of the Hope Center!
Brownsville Church of the Brethren is no stranger to the Hope Center. The church and congregation have been very involved with our ministry. Brownsville is one of the many churches that faithfully comes in to the Hope Center to hold chapel services. In addition to being a part of our chapel service ministry, twice each year Pastor Alan Smith and the people of Brownsville Church of the Brethren invite our residents to worship with them and following the service they provide lunch for them. The men have enjoyed going to Brownsville for years.
Considering the great attendance at the concert, and very positive response from so many in the community, it may become an annual event! If you missed out this time then make sure you mark your calendars for the next time! It was truly a wonderful evening of great music and wonderful fellowship!
We want to be sure to thank Julie Norris and Brownsville Church for planning and organizing this great event!
For more information about Brownsville Church of the Brethren, please call 301.834.8538. Their website,, is currently under construction. If you’re interested in attending services, the church is located 1911 Rorhersville Rd, Brownsville, MD 21715.

Hope Center Benefit Concert

It’s winter and while this one hasn’t exactly been our coldest or snowiest, it’s still just cold enough to make you sick and tired of being cooped up in a house. We know the feeling. So here’s an activity that will get you out of the house and will also lift up your spirit!

On February 26th, Brownsville Church of the Brethren will host a special concert,  “A Sheltering God”, to benefit the Hope Center. There is no admission fee but a free will offering will be collected.

The concert begins at 6pm and features singers Lauren Carnahan, Madelyn Cross, Bethany Norris and Matt Shew with accompaniment by Rob Galpin, David Martin, Terry Sparks and Marty Tisckos. In addition to the music, some of the residents of the Hope Center will give brief testimonies about their lives and how God is currently working in them. It will be a great night of music and hope!

Go ahead and mark your calendars now for Sunday, February 26th at 6pm. If that happens to be a weekend that a snow storm hits our area, there is a snow date on March 11th.

The concert is being held at Brownsville Church of the Brethren located at 1911 Rohrersville Rd, Brownsville, MD. For info about the church, please call 301.432.8354 or go to