Bowling Does Our Residents Good!

When a guy enters our Hope Center Life Recovery program, he’s making a commitment to getting his life back on track and becoming the man God designed him to be.

But it’s not an easy path for many of our residents. They struggle with many things including their addictions, their past, family and work issues and, often times, the lack of love and acceptance.

Once they join the program they begin to build relationships with other guys in the program and our staff. This bond is a very important part of their rehabilitation. When the men aren’t working or attending life recovery classes, they enjoy playing sports and hanging out in the McKinley Rec Center at The Hope Center.

Our staff knows the importance of leisure activities so they plan various outings during the year. From softball tournaments, to fishing, canoeing, picnics and other activities, our staff tries to build relationships with our guys to keep them pushing through the program.

Recently, our staff took the guys bowling. From the laid back atmosphere to the friendly competition, our guys really enjoyed bowling together!


Here are some pics from the guys’ day at the bowling alley. While going to the bowling alley may just seem like a regular activity to most people, to our guys this is a very important part of rebuilding themselves. These outings are beneficial to their recovery in so many ways.


DSC_1259DSC_1274DSC_1276DSC_1300-001When you donate, whether financially or through in-kind gifts, you are helping to provide our residents with these types of activities. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry and our residents! You may never truly know how important your gift was, but God knows. You’re helping to change lives for eternity!

We’re Gonna Miss Ya!

On Friday, November 9th, we said goodbye to Matt Sargent, Foundation’s Men’s Ministry director. Matt has been a staff member of the Hope Center for 9 years. During that time, Matt developed the teen ministry, Extreme Impact (now Wildside Extreme). Following his time with Extreme Impact, Matt became the director of the men’s ministry.

Matt was instrumental in establishing the residential men’s program. The program that Matt created was based on various levels of spiritual growth during the time that each resident was a part of the program. The men would work towards certain benchmarks per level. After accomplishing the level, they would move into the next which would give them extra benefits but also would be slightly tougher and require a little more discipline. This program was very successful and helped many men rebuild their lives and also helped to break the horrible addiction to cigarettes. To be able to graduate from the program, the resident is required to kick the dirty habit.

Matt understood that accomplishing these goals was extremely important to each resident but also to their families and friends. Each quarter, Matt created a graduation program for the men who successfully passed all the levels in the program. The men’s accomplishments were celebrated with a ceremony that welcomed people who were supportive of their life during this program.

On his last day at the Hope Center, Matt and the other men’s staff took the residents to Turner’s Southside Bowl for an afternoon of bowling and fun. The guys enjoyed spending their last afternoon with Matt having some friendly competition and just enjoying a fun outing.

We are very thankful for Matt’s service at the Hope Center. We wish him well as he begins a new chapter of ministry as the family and youth pastor at Antrim Brethren in Christ Church just north of Greencastle, PA.