Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Join us in wishing Dustin & Albert HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dustin celebrated his birthday in July and Albert just celebrated his this week. Both men are in our Foundations Life Recovery Program. Each month we celebrate the birthdays of the men in our residential program – and of course we have cake! Our good friend Stormy bakes birthday cakes each month for our residents!

Dustin joined our Foundations program in January of this year. While here he made a profession of Christ in his life and is seeking to make positive changes in his life that will help him once he leaves the program. He is about halfway through the Foundations program so please continue to pray for him in his journey as he grows and faces the challenge of confronting the various things that have caused problems in his life.

Albert joined Foundations in September of 2017 after being released into our facility from prison. While in prison he made a profession of Christ which is what lead him to apply to our Foundations program at his release. He wanted a safe, Christian environment to help him grow and change his life patterns and to be in a place where he can build a positive bridge into his future. He quickly joined a local church in Hagerstown and has continued to grow spiritually which has helped him develop great relationships with others. He is very close to graduating from Foundations so continue to keep praying for Albert that he finishes strong and has the confidence to go boldly into his new life without fear. He’s excited about his opportunity to share his new life with others in the community who need to hear about the power of Christ just like he did.

Please continue to pray for all of the men who come in and out of our Foundations Life Recovery Program. It’s not easy for guys to acknowledge that they need to join the program and make necessary changes in their lives and it’s even harder for them to continue once they join. These men are facing serious challenges in their lives and they need all the prayer and support possible. Please continue to invest in their lives through prayer, volunteering, and donating to The Hope Center. Your donation of food, used clothing, shoes, housewares, furniture, etc, and your donation of time serving food, hosting a chapel service, painting or doing anything at The Hope Center are all part of helping these men rehabilitate their lives and giving them the recovery and victory they so desperately want and need. Your support truly does make a difference and God uses it to help them move forward in the face of personal issues. Thank you for helping us celebrate these men and their birthdays.

To learn more about volunteering or donating to The Hope Center or for more information about our Foundations Life Recovery Program for men please visit http://www.hagerstownhopecenter.com or call 301.739.1165.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!

Join us in wishing Kevin a happy birthday!

The first Friday of each month is birthday celebration day at The Hope Center. In May, we were able to celebrate Kevin. And our good friend, Stormy, baked another delicious cake for the party!

Kevin Sothern 3

Kevin arrived at The Hope Center at the beginning of August, 2012.  He came to Hagerstown after previously being at the Central Union Mission in Washington, D.C.

Kevin says, “I was spiritually bankrupt and severely lost my way in all directions in my walk with God.  I stopped everything: no Bible study, no church, no prayer.  I stopped my involvement with prison ministry.  No communion with God at all.”

Kevin joined our Foundations program and promised God that he would finish the program and would let God have control of his life.

Kevin Southern 1

The Foundations program at The Hope Center is a 13-month life recovery program where the residents learn to break the destructive addictions and habits that Satan was using to destroy their lives. While in the Foundations program, the guys faithfully study the Word of God and grow closer to Him in their recovery. They are able to get their lives back on track spiritually, physically and emotionally and are able to mend many broken relationships from their dark past.

Kevin is excited about the future and plans on graduating in early Fall of 2013.

Kevin says, “God has revitalized my spirit and renewed my spiritual drive to do His work, whatever He has for me.”

In addition to the classes that he’s a part of in the Foundation program, Kevin is a cook’s assistant in Food Services and also works in the check-in office in The Hope Center.

Please remember to pray for Kevin and all of the other guys who are trying to get their lives back on track and live the life that God designed them to live. It’s not an easy road to recovery but with the prayers of faithful supporters like you, guys like Kevin have a chance to become both spiritually and physically reborn!

We want to thank you for supporting this ministry of rescue at The Hope Center. From prayer support, to financial support, to volunteer support and in-kind donations (food, gently used clothing, shoes, furniture, etc), you are truly helping to change lives for God and bring hope to so many who are lost and alone. Thank you for caring & sharing with those in need!

If you’d like to volunteer or give to The Hope Center, please call 301.739.1165, email hagerstownrescue@verizon.net or give online at www.hagerstownrescue.org.

Happy Birthday!

Join us in celebrating the birthdays of a few of the guys in our program!

The first Friday of each month is birthday day at The Hope Center. Residents in our Foundations Life Recovery program who have a birthday that month are celebrated with cake and gifts! The February birthdays are Curtiss Smith, William Putnam and William Neal.

Feb Bday 2013

Each month our dear friend, Stormy, bakes & decorates a delicious cake for our birthday residents! We are so grateful for her baking these delicious cakes each month.


Curtiss will be graduating from the program soon.  During his birthday speech to fellow residents and staff he said he thanks God for bringing him to The Hope Center and he wonders if he would be alive if he hadn’t come here.  He’s looking forward to graduating and has already invited his son and daughter to the graduation service. Please pray for Curtiss as he nears the finish line and prepares to enter back into the world as a changed man.

William Putnam is new to the program and has only been here a few weeks.  Please keep William in your prayers as he adjusts to the program and struggles with depression and other issues as he begins to change his life.

William Neal is a graduate of the program and although our graduates do not usually participate in resident birthday celebrations, William was at The Hope Center for lunch so we were able celebrate his birthday as well.  He said he spent almost 60 years of his life doing things his way and that is what brought him to enroll in the program here.  He is now doing things God’s way and looks forward to the future.

We are so thankful that these men are able to celebrate the birth of the life that God gave them! Each life is valuable and it’s so uplifting to see men who were heading down the path of destruction celebrating their life of victory now!

Please continue to pray for each of these fine men as they are all in different stages of the life recovery process. And remember to pray for all the men who will enter the program and those who are undecided about making the changes in their lives that will benefit them for eternity.

For more information about our Foundations Life Recovery program, please call 301.739.1165, email hagerstownrescue@verizon.net or visit www.hagerstownrescue.org.

For You, Do Two!

At the beginning of every month we have a birthday celebration for residents who were born during that month. Our good friend, Stormy, always bakes & decorates a delicious birthday cake for our guys, and they love it! We recently celebrated Frank’s birthday, the only resident in the program with a birthday in the month of August.

After celebrating Frank’s birthday, we asked him to jot down a few thoughts about how his life has been changing and what another birthday means to him. So we’re gonna let Frank tell you, briefly, his story of hope and redemption in his own words.

‘For you, do two!’

“By the grace of God, all glory and praise be to my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Hello, my name is Frank Bercaw and I’ve just celebrated my second birthday at The Hope Center.  On August 1, 2011 I returned to the “Foundations” program after a second chance was granted me by the staff.  My battle with alcohol was a war I couldn’t win on my own.  The only thing I can say is that my battle was fought and won by my Lord Jesus Christ.  All I needed to do was accept it.  By the grace of God, they accepted me back into the program which has allowed me to grow more and more in my relationship with God the Father.

If I can encourage anyone to let God start and finish a work in your life, please have an open heart to accept His Spirit to work through you.  I hope my life serves as a testimony of God’s love for His children.

The Hope Center has taught me to empty myself of what I was full of so God has a useful vessel.  The devil was determined to bump me out, but with regular prayer and worship my mind is focused and I’m a better man because of it.

I’ve been blessed by God to be able to do many things with my hands.  Work was never a problem for me.  As a matter of fact, I over-worked.  My daughters ask me over and over again, “Daddy, when are you finished with the program?”  And I tell them, “Your daddy is coming through this program as a better father to you.”

Thanks be to God for allowing a place like The Hope Center to rescue the lost as I have been rescued!

“For you, do two?”  The two birthdays I’ve spent here at The Hope Center have changed my life in an amazing and beautiful way.  God brought be back here so I can do amazing things by glorifying His name!”

I could write a book, and maybe some day I will.  But for now, may God’s love be with you all.”

The change in Frank’s life has been very evident since he returned to the Foundations program for the second time. God is using Frank to be a testimony and example to the other residents in the program. Please continue to pray for Frank. Please keep praying for the residents that are currently in the program and all the new men that will seek help this year.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry and helping to make it possible for men like Frank to turn their lives around. Each time you give, in one way or another, you are helping to change lives for Christ. Please don’t forget how important you are to this ministry!

Happy Birthday!

July can be a busy month. With all the summer activities for the residents mixed with all the preparation and excitement of Camp Wild, there are many things that take place in July.

Birthdays take place in July! And one of our new residents celebrated his birthday with us on the first Friday of the month.

Walter, whose birthday is July 3, celebrated his big day with his Hope Center family on July 6.

Walter joined the program in April and has been working hard to get his life back on track. Walter is originally from Annapolis and is ready to hand his life over to God to help him be the man that God intended him to be.

Join us in saying “Happy Birthday” to Walter! We also don’t want to forget to thank Stormy for baking another delicious birthday cake for our residents!