Become a Volunteer!

Want to give back to the community but not really sure how?

Volunteering is an excellent way to show you care, but sometimes it can be overwhelming or you do volunteer jobs that just aren’t that interesting to you.

camp wild 3

Let us help you out! We’ve got plenty of activities and jobs for volunteers. Some of these positions are daily, weekly or very random. We want to help you find the right fit for your schedule, personality or talent.

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Are you ready to learn more and take the next step? If so, check out This website is designed to help you get involved and find the right fit for you.



Take some time to explore the website to learn more about The Hope Center and why volunteering is so important. But to really learn more about the various ways to get involved, click on the “opportunities” tab to read a brief description of all the different volunteer positions available.



Volunteers have been the backbone of this ministry for years. We cannot reach this city for Christ without the countless hours given by our faithful volunteers. So many lives have been touched and changed because of the commitment of people like you.


Now is the time to step up and help us reach this city. Join the volunteer team at The Hope Center! Go to to get started!




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