Coffee Lovers, Unite!

Imagine waking up each morning and not having a good ole cup of joe? Not a fun thought, is it?

Well, for the first time in a very long time, we’ve been running short on coffee at The Hope Center. Coffee is an important part of every meal and special activities at The Hope Center.

coffee2From breakfast, to coffee breaks, to cups served at our daily Soup Line or at our weekly ladies Koffee Klatch, coffee is an important staple at The Hope Center.

So we are calling on you, coffee lovers of the greater Hagerstown area, to help us restock our pantry with America’s favorite hot drink!

There are a couple ways that you, your family, church group or Sunday school class, civic group, boy/girl scouts program, office can get involved.

  • Purchase containers of coffee & bags of sugar and drop them off to our Administrative Offices
  • Donate gift cards for Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Martin’s, Food Lion or any stores that sell coffee & sugar.
  • Host a “Coffee & Sugar Shower”. It’s similar to a food drive except you ask the public to only donate coffee & sugar.

Any of these options are a big help to our ministry. The amount of coffee that we use at The Hope Center can, over time, be a strain on our pantry budget so any help is greatly appreciated.

We are so thankful for friends, like you, who care so deeply about others. And simple pleasures, like a fresh cup of coffee, can help keep our residents focused on recovery and can give our transient guests a feeling of hopefulness for the day to come!

God can use anything to help bring people to Him, even cups of coffee given in His name!

Thanks for helping to bring HOPE to Hagerstown…one hot cup of joe at a time!


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