Happy Birthday, David!

Happy Birthday, David Hillman!

The first Friday of each month we celebrate the birthdays of the residents in our Foundations program. And our friend, Stormy, made another delicious birthday cake for everyone to enjoy!

July 2013

This month we get to celebrate with David! David came to The Hope Center in August of 2012 in search of help following the separation from his wife and dealing with the deaths of people very close to him. He was also struggling with the loss of his business due to the recession and his drinking habit.

July 2013 2

David was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in the suburbs. He was raised by very supportive and loving parents. David was married with three children and once owned & operated a residential construction company for 20 years.

But unfortunately things seemed to fall apart for David. And he ended up searching for something he wasn’t sure he ever had.

David recalls having “many religious experiences” in his life but he couldn’t say for sure if he was ever truly saved. Like many Americans, David had questions about the Bible and was even a bit antagonistic at the beginning of his program here.

Now, almost a year later, David says that the classes in the Foundations Life Recovery program at The Hope Center have given him a solid, Biblical foundation and he knows without a doubt that he is a child of God!

David says, “God is changing me from the inside out.  I see how all the aspects of this program have helped me, and I want the other men in the program to have the same experience.”

As his graduation from the program draws close, David is preparing himself to re-enter the workforce and begin a new life. He is praying for work and for God’s guidance for the future.

Please remember to pray for David as he finishes his time at The Hope Center. God has worked in his heart and David is a testimony to the other men in the program about how God can change a life.

Thank you for praying for & supporting this ministry. It’s for men like David that this program exists. And with your faithful support, we’re able to give David and many other guys the opportunity to meet God and change their lives!

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