Happy Birthday!

Each month we celebrate the birthday of any resident currently in our Foundations Life Recovery program.

In January we were happy to celebrate with Anthony “Tony” Ryan and Devin Scott.

January 2013 birthdays 2

Tony was here once before but he left the program thinking he was ready to make it on his own.  When he went back to his old habits he knew he needed help.  He enrolled into the program again in October 2012.  He hopes to finish well this time.

Devin Scott came into the program in November 2012.  Devin is the son of Kevin Scott who recently graduated from the program and continues to work here in food services.

We want to thank our friend, Stormy, for baking another delicious cake for our birthday guys!

January 2013 birthdays

Please pray for Tony & Devin as they work to conquer their addictions and strive to be the Godly men that they were created to be. Also, keep all of our residents and graduates in your prayers. This path to redemption is not easy for many of the guys that join the program. There are a lot of temptations to deal with and a lot of struggles for each man to overcome. Please continue to lift these guys up in prayer. Pray for power to overcome and the perseverance to continue to the end. Pray for the staff that are helping to guide these men.

Thank you for partnering with us to help bring the hope of Christ to people in need. It’s important to the well-being of the men in the program to know that there are caring people that are supporting them through this time of change in their lives. We appreciate all that you do to help bring hope to Hagerstown!

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