Happy Birthday, Derek!

Each month we celebrate the birthday of any residents born in the month.

In November we celebrated the birthday of Derek Williams. Derek was honored with a birthday gift, the birthday song and a delicious cake made by our faithful friend, Stormy.

Derek joined our Foundations program in January of this year. He’s been working hard to make the changes in his life that are needed to live a successful life for God.

In his birthday speech at lunch, Derek noted that he had recently heard a message centered around the scripture which tells us to “put away childish things.” Along with growing older physically, Derek wants to grow spiritually so he can become the man that God wants him to be. Derek’s desire is to eventually work with children and tell them about Jesus.

We want to wish Derek a very happy birthday and we wish him many more birthdays to come! If you’ve ever stopped by The Hope Center you may have seen Derek. He’s a man of few words but he’s a man who is always wearing a great big smile on his face!

And the way that God has been working in his life, it’s no wonder he’s always smiling! Join us in wishing Derek a happy birthday and please keep him in your prayers as he works hard to change his life and live for God!

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