We Love Our Boss!

October 16th was National Boss’s Day and we had a luncheon celebration to honor our great boss, Mr. Shank! We want to thank Sue & Becky Sue for planning and organizing the luncheon.

Since 1995, Mr. Shank has been leading The Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission. As Executive Director, Mr. Shank works hard making sure that every issue, problem and concern around the entire ministry is taken care of. But many may not know that each morning, Mr. Shank has devotions with the residents at The Hope Center. They spend an hour together studying God’s Word and memorizing countless verses.

At the heart of it all, Mr. Shank knows that the entire reason that The Hope Center exists is to see lives changed. From giving out free clothing to people, to after-school programs for kids, to food bags for families in need, to free drug & alcohol rehabilitation, Mr. Shank has kept the focus of the ministry on all the people in need in our community. He understands and fully realizes that the only way to truly help people is to give them the peace that only Jesus can give.

We all want to thank Mr. Shank for always putting God first in the ministry and loving people the way that Christ showed, unconditionally. God has given The Hope Center a great leader and we are more than thankful for his faithfulness to Christ and for always believing that even in the darkest of times, God is still capable of changing lives!

Thank you for supporting Mr. Shank, the staff & volunteers and all the ministries at The Hope Center that help to provide real hope to Hagerstown!

1 thought on “We Love Our Boss!

  1. Mr. Shank is a great guy, a good dad.a wonderful husband, but most of all God is the center of his life and Loves the Hope Center with all his heart!

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