Camp Wild Kids Learn a Different GPS

Lynn Harney is the Resident Life Supervisor at The Hope Center. If you’ve volunteered during the day or have been part of a group that hosts the evening chapel service & meal then you might have come in contact with Lynn. As Resident Life Supervisor, Lynn gives Godly leadership through counseling and one-on-one interactions with residents & transients. He oversees the men’s residential program and transient program. But years ago, in a land far, far away, Lynn lead a rather different life. And for some of the campers at Camp Wild, they got to learn about Lynn’s former life.

Before coming to the Hope Center, Lynn Harney was a missionary in Senegal with New Tribes Missions for 22 years! While in Africa, Lynn lived along with the Manjaku people. While he was in Africa, his jobs included church planting and Bible translating.

Lynn was asked to bring his first-hand knowledge to Camp Wild for a special interactive experience called, GPS.

GPS or God’s Preaching System, is a trail that the campers explore. But don’t be fooled, it’s so much more than just a regular, ol’ trail. This trail gives the campers the chance to learn about how people live in Senegal. They were able to listen to Lynn Harney tell stories and experiences about what life in Senegal is like for people, including kids their ages.

While on the Senegal Trail at GPS, the kids learned that being a missionary in Africa doesn’t mean going on safari everyday! They learned that sometimes God calls people to go to places that they don’t want to go and do things that they don’t want to do. The kids learned that life in Africa, even for missionaries, isn’t easy. They learned that people may have to eat foods like cow intestines, grubs or even termites!

On top of that, the kids learned that in Africa, life for children isn’t easy either. Lynn Harney explained to them that girls in Africa begin working at age 5 and boys at age 8! So while the kids at Camp Wild were enjoying their summer hiking for fun, there were kids their age in Africa working hard to help their families survive!

We’re happy that Lynn was able to spend some time educating the kids at Camp Wild about life in Senegal and how missionaries, themselves dealing with tough circumstances, are helping to spread hope in that nation.

It’s important to teach everyone about serving the Lord all over this big planet. There are many opportunities to reach people everywhere, whether you’re called to Senegal, France, China or right here in Hagerstown.

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