Thank You, Leiters’ Fine Catering!

On Thursday, August 16th, we had a very unexpected and extremely delightful donation!

A truckload, seriously a truckload, of food was donated by the local catering company. There were tons of veggie and fresh fruit trays and cheese cube trays. There were also trays of wonderful sandwiches like turkey, ham and roast beef. They also dropped off crackers and Chex Mix!

We are so thankful that the kind folks at Leiters’ Fine Catering thought of us and all the people that we feed each day. This food will be put to good use feeding all of our residents and guests.

Most people think that soup kitchens are busy only in the cold months but it’s not really true in our case. We’ve noticed a rise in attendance for our afternoon meal. So we are very thankful for businesses like Leiters’ Fine Catering and all of our other donors for keeping our kitchen stocked full of delicious eats!

The next time that you have an event that needs catering, please check out Leiters’ Fine Catering at

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