For You, Do Two!

At the beginning of every month we have a birthday celebration for residents who were born during that month. Our good friend, Stormy, always bakes & decorates a delicious birthday cake for our guys, and they love it! We recently celebrated Frank’s birthday, the only resident in the program with a birthday in the month of August.

After celebrating Frank’s birthday, we asked him to jot down a few thoughts about how his life has been changing and what another birthday means to him. So we’re gonna let Frank tell you, briefly, his story of hope and redemption in his own words.

‘For you, do two!’

“By the grace of God, all glory and praise be to my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Hello, my name is Frank Bercaw and I’ve just celebrated my second birthday at The Hope Center.  On August 1, 2011 I returned to the “Foundations” program after a second chance was granted me by the staff.  My battle with alcohol was a war I couldn’t win on my own.  The only thing I can say is that my battle was fought and won by my Lord Jesus Christ.  All I needed to do was accept it.  By the grace of God, they accepted me back into the program which has allowed me to grow more and more in my relationship with God the Father.

If I can encourage anyone to let God start and finish a work in your life, please have an open heart to accept His Spirit to work through you.  I hope my life serves as a testimony of God’s love for His children.

The Hope Center has taught me to empty myself of what I was full of so God has a useful vessel.  The devil was determined to bump me out, but with regular prayer and worship my mind is focused and I’m a better man because of it.

I’ve been blessed by God to be able to do many things with my hands.  Work was never a problem for me.  As a matter of fact, I over-worked.  My daughters ask me over and over again, “Daddy, when are you finished with the program?”  And I tell them, “Your daddy is coming through this program as a better father to you.”

Thanks be to God for allowing a place like The Hope Center to rescue the lost as I have been rescued!

“For you, do two?”  The two birthdays I’ve spent here at The Hope Center have changed my life in an amazing and beautiful way.  God brought be back here so I can do amazing things by glorifying His name!”

I could write a book, and maybe some day I will.  But for now, may God’s love be with you all.”

The change in Frank’s life has been very evident since he returned to the Foundations program for the second time. God is using Frank to be a testimony and example to the other residents in the program. Please continue to pray for Frank. Please keep praying for the residents that are currently in the program and all the new men that will seek help this year.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry and helping to make it possible for men like Frank to turn their lives around. Each time you give, in one way or another, you are helping to change lives for Christ. Please don’t forget how important you are to this ministry!

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