We Love Our Sorting Room Ladies!

Ever wonder what happens to all your stuff when you donate it?

We have a small but fantastic group of lovely ladies who help to sort everything that is donated. From shoes to blankets to sweaters and toys, these women open bag after bag full of donated goods.

When your goods are dropped off on the Sorting Building dock, they are loaded into a cart and then sorted into different carts based on the product. Once they are in the proper cart, a sorting lady will then begin the process of pricing. Once items have been given a great value price for our stores, they are then moved to boxes that will then be taken to our Hagerstown store or our other store in downtown Chambersburg.

Out-of-season clothing or other seasonal/holiday items are sorted and placed in storage in the Sorting Building until the proper time. As the seasons change, so can the stock of items in our stores!

But not all of your donated goods may actually ever see the rack in our Thrift Stores. Whenever individuals or families are in need of clothing, housewares, blankets, etc., they fill out a family relief form in the Administrative Office. This form will allow them to list the items, and sizes if necessary, needed to help them get back on track.

Once the form is completed, it is sent to the Sorting Building for one of the ladies to pull the items, free of charge, for the family. If all of the items are available, the form is sent back to the office and the family can pick up the items. We do all we can to make sure that families receive the items listed on the form but there are times when we just don’t have some of the items that a family requests. But when we do have them, we are happy to give them to people in need.

The ladies in the Sorting Building, some are staff and some are volunteer, help to keep this ministry running. We’re so thankful for their part in this ministry of hope to the community. They may be behind-the-scenes but their impact is seen and felt each day! They work hard to keep our stores full of items for people on budgets to purchase and they help to fulfill the tangible needs of desperate families.  Whether your donated goods are being given to people in need or being priced at rock-bottom prices in our Thrift Stores, your donation is helping to change lives. The profits generated from the sale of your donated items help to keep our doors open for people in need of food and shelter.

So when you donate something that you don’t need anymore, you are really helping people in need in one way or another. That bag of “old” clothing, shoes or housewares can mean a fresh start for a family or provide a feeling of hope of good things to come for a homeless person. You are allowing us the opportunity to show God’s love to so many who otherwise may never truly see God at work. It’s not just about dropping off bags of used goods. It’s about using those goods to change lives for eternity.

Thank you for supporting the ministry of HOPE to your neighbors. Please remember us when you’re cleaning out your closets or basement. Tell your friends and neighbors to remember us too. Thank you, again, for giving! Keep on keepin’ on!

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