Help Us Reach Hagerstown This Summer

Summertime is finally here and everyone’s thoughts begin to take a break from reality!

From day-dreaming about vacation to relaxing by the pool or experimenting with a brand new grill, summer provides overworked and highly stressed Americans with a chance to just enjoy life.

Unfortunately the hardships of life don’t go on vacation. There are many people who will still be homeless and hungry during the summer months. There are kids who will need a breakfast and lunch each day of the week in houses with empty cupboards. There are men who will finally hit rock-bottom in their struggle with addictions and abuse.

Fortunately, for all these people struggling to live each day, God doesn’t go on vacation! He doesn’t need a rest. His hope is provided fresh and new with each rising of the sun. And as long as God is up and working, so are we!

Each dollar you give to The Hope Center can help change the lives of so many. Please consider financially supporting the many ministries at The Hope Center, like our summer day camp program, Camp Wild. If you’d like to give, please call our office at 301.739.1165 or email us at

You can also donate with your credit card online at our website through the safe and trusted Paypal service. Just go to and locate the red box on the left of the home screen that says “give online”. Just click on that tab and follow the simple instructions. With a few clicks of the mouse, you could be changing so many lives for eternity!

Whether you are financially able to help us or not, we do ask that you join us in praying for the ministries of hope & rescue at The Hope Center. Pray for the residents at The Hope Center. Pray for their daily fight against the sin that had a destructive stronghold on them. Pray that they will continue to press on to restore the life God intended them to live.

Pray for the homeless. Homelessness doesn’t end in the summer and with high temperatures and humidity overnight, many homeless need someplace cool to sleep. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them. Pray for their safety and security.

Pray for the many families that are struggling to pay for increased energy costs and need to rely on food assistance. Pray that with each meal served or food bag handed out, individuals and families will see the love of God and have a desire to learn more about Him.

Pray for Camp Wild. Pray for all the kids who will be a part of the four weeks of free day camp. Pray for safety for the campers and the staff. And pray that God will work in the lives of the kids and that they will begin a relationship with Him that will change their lives for eternity.

The Hope Center is more than just a shelter or soup kitchen. It’s a fortress for Christ in Hagerstown’s downtown. It’s a place of refuge and hope for hundreds to thousands of weary people each year. This ministry helps to ease the physical suffering while providing a spiritual awakening. Thank you for your support – both financially and through prayer. And remember to always “keep on keepin’ on.”

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