Our Residents Enjoy a Fantastic Dinner Theater

Our residents were treated to a special dinner theater performance at St. James Brethren Church in St. James, Maryland.

The dinner theater was ‘Adventures in Odyssey,’ based on the wildly popular radio/video series of the same name.

The theater show was presented in two parts. The first part was called “Kids Radio”. It was about the kids putting on a radio show at Whit’s End. And as with any production, the kids faced problems and challenges while trying to put together their radio show which lead to team meetings, brain-storming and a whole new production.

The second part of the show was “The Big Production” and was based on the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’.

If you are a fan of ‘Adventures in Odyssey,’ then you know that it’s not a true adventure without the three main characters, Whit, Connie and Eugene. While the roles of Whit, Connie and Eugene are important, the play also featured the talents of the cast in many supporting roles.

In addition to a great play, guests were given a delicious spaghetti dinner and ice cream sundaes for dessert. There’s nothing better than a good dinner theater!

St. James Brethren Church performs a dinner theater each year to raise money for various events. Proceeds from this years performance is going towards a youth group mission’s trip next year. This year’s performance was presented May 19-20 with the dress rehearsal on May 18. Our residents are invited to attend the free dress rehearsal each year.

Our residents always enjoy this dinner theater experience. Getting away from The Hope Center for fun events like this is important to the progress of the men in the program. We appreciate St. James Brethren Church for always thinking of our men and inviting them to take part in the dress rehearsal. The guys always enjoy being able to interact with the cast and members of the church who put on the production.

We are so thankful for Sara Moore, and the rest of the great staff and volunteers at St. James Brethren Church who always give a great performance and serve a wonderful dinner! It may have just been a dress rehearsal for the cast and crew but it was a great night out for our residents!

St James Brethren Church is located at 17718 Lappans Road in St James, Maryland, just south of Hagerstown. For more information about the church or the youth program, please call 301.582.3333 or visit their website at www.sjbchurch.com.

If your church, civic club or drama group would like to invite our residents to attend a show, please call us at 301.739.1165 or email us at hagerstownrescue@verizon.net to make arrangements.

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