Annual Germantown Cookout

We enjoy building relationships with the many churches that support this ministry in one way or another. Many churches are involved by helping to host an evening chapel service followed by a meal. Other churches help by donating food or clothing. And other churches are involved with providing certain items for specific ministries when we are in need.

So to say that our local churches are important to this ministry would be an understatement. We appreciate all the churches that partner with us to reach thousands of people each year for Christ.

But it’s very special, especially for our residents, when we are invited to a church for a meal!

Germantown Church of God hosted our residents and staff for a cookout Sunday evening, June 10th. But this isn’t the first time the kind folks from Germantown have done this. For the past 15 years the church has been grilling up a wonderful cookout for our residents and staff!

And the event was even more special for our residents and staff because our receptionist, Sue, is not only a valuable staff person at The Hope Center but also an active member of the church – and the pastor’s wife!

The delicious menu included hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill along with salads, desserts, macaroni & cheese, and other picnic favorites. Everything was cooked, grilled and prepared by the great cooks and hospitality team who attend the church!

Germantown Church of God is located up the mountain on a beautiful property which seems like a far distance from the downtown core where The Hope Center is located. So it’s especially nice for our residents to be able to have time to relax and explore the beautiful property surrounding the church.

After the cookout and outdoor time, everyone gathered in the sanctuary of the church for an evening of praise and worship, testimonies and a message.

Germantown Church of God has been involved in one way or another with The Hope Center since approximately 1960.  Their involvement includes hosting a monthly chapel service, and every Thanksgiving they provide 30-40 pies for our annual community feast.

We want to thank Pastor Mark Hosler, Sue and all the wonderful people of Germantown Church of God for being so generous and hospitable to our residents and staff and for being so faithful to serving the Lord throughout the years at The Hope Center!

If you are currently looking for a church, please remember to check out Germantown Church of God. The church is located at 16924 Raven Rock Road, Cascade, MD  21719. For more info about the church or to learn about how your church can get involved, please call 301.739.1165 or email us at

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