Koffee Klatch Celebrates Another Year

Just like the local schools, Koffee Klatch has come to an end this year.

For those of you who may not know much about Koffee Klatch, it’s a weekly morning Bible study and fellowship for ladies during the school year.

Each Thursday from September to June the faithful group of ladies meet together at 10am in the Jim Resh Memorial Chapel to have a time of singing, sharing and Bible study.

The ladies can join us at 9am each Thursday for a time of fellowship with hot coffee and fresh Krumpes donuts! The ladies can sit and mingle during this time and build strong friendships and bonds.

But the last meeting of Koffee Klatch is always a special event. This year the ladies met in our multipurpose building, the Trinity Center, for a time of fellowship, food, singing and study. The women each brought something delicious to eat and everyone had a great time just socializing with each other.

Dorcas Black presented a beautiful flower basket to Anna Nunemaker, sister of the lateĀ Ellen Resh, in recognition of her faithful service as leader of the Bible study each week. Anna has been serving the Lord in this capacity for years and we are thankful for her faithful service to teaching these women each week.

Even though Koffee Klatch is over for the season, it won’t be long until it’s back again in the fall! If you or someone you know is looking for a good ladies’ Bible study and fellowship time then call us at 301.739.1165 or email us at hagerstownrescue@verizon.net for more info about this ministry and the upcoming fall schedule.

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