Some Very Important Kids Stop By For a Visit!

Many people may not be aware, but we will gladly give tours of our facilities to educate the community about what we do, and give them a hand’s on experience of the ministry of hope and rescue here at The Hope Center.

Yesterday, June 5th, we hosted a tour for some very special guests.

A group of about 29 Pre-K students, ages 4-5, from Mt. Nebo Christian Pre-School took a tour of The Hope Center.

According to pre-school director, Kim Crigger, the purpose of this tour was to expose these students at an early age to the needs of others, and to instill an interest in missions.

While it may seem that the children might be a little young to totally understand and grasp exactly what we do, they did learn the importance of helping others and caring for those in need. It’s never too early to teach that valuable lesson!

As a result of what they learned about The Hope Center today, they are going to have a food drive for us! In addition to that, the school is planning a similar trip to The Hope Center later this year for their 4th-7th graders.

We love seeing children get involved and learn at an early age the importance of giving to others and helping the hungry and those in need. We appreciate Mt. Nebo Christian Pre-School for making missions, especially local missions, a top priority for their students.

The school is a ministry of the Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church of Boonsboro. The school currently serves 100 pre-schoolers and 80 school-age children. They admit students from 2 years of age to 7th grade.

For more information about Mt. Nebo Christian Pre-School call 301-432-6042 or visit

If you have a group from your church, school, workplace, civic organization or somewhere else that you’d like to bring for a tour of The Hope Center, please call us at 301.739.1165 or email us at to schedule a time.

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