God is so Good!!

God has been so faithful & good to The Hope Center! God continues to bless this ministry and we are so thankful for His generosity.

And we are so thankful for each of you who have helped us reach so many in need. As energy and food prices continue to rise, we are able to keep the lights on and food bags filled, enabling us to reach the physical needs of people which allows us to help reach their spiritual needs as well!

In the month of May, so much food has been donated that our pantry is busting at the seams! The more food the merrier! This allows us to feed so many people in our area!

Our food bank ministry is a very vital outreach to families in Hagerstown. So many families on a budget come to our food bank to get some help to feed their families. If we were to buy all the food to keep this ministry open, we’d be in major financial troubles! But God has blessed us with great neighbors and supporters who help us to keep the hungry fed!

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