Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

The first Friday of each month is our birthday celebration with our residents. Any resident in our Foundations program who has a birthday each month is celebrated with cake and more.

This month we only have one resident who is celebrating a birthday. So join us in wishing Jeremy a very happy birthday!

A fun fact about this birthday celebration is that it actually fell on Jeremy’s actual birthday!

While all of our birthday guys genuinely appreciate their birthday celebrations, Jeremy seemed very touched to be honored on his birthday. He remarked that he hasn’t had a birthday cake or anything else on his birthday in the past 5 years. So we are very happy to help celebrate with Jeremy this year!

Jeremy is a resident in Foundations and has been here since December 5, 2011.  He currently works in the sorting department and if you’ve dropped items off at our sorting lately there is a good chance that you’ve come in contact with Jeremy.

Thank you to Stormy for baking the birthday cake again for our residents!

And we want to thank you, our friends & supporters, for helping to make this birthday special for Jeremy and helping us to bring hope back to so many people in Hagerstown! A birthday celebration may not mean much to many people but it has been another step towards restoration in Jeremy’s life.

God has used you to help change a life and restore hope! Thank you for caring for men like Jeremy. Please continue to pray for Jeremy and our other residents as they fight the hard fight to change their lives.

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