A BIG Thank You to the Darden Foundation!

The Hope Center is excited to announce that it has received a Restaurant Community Grant from the Darden Foundation!

We are proud that our local Darden restaurants identified us as a leader in our community and is supporting our work to end hunger in Hagerstown.

Each restaurant in the Darden family – Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze and Seasons 52 – helped award a $1,000 grant to a nonprofit its community.

Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse each gave The Hope Center a $1,000 grant to help us combat hunger in our community.

We are so thankful for their contribution to our organization and we are proud to be associated with such generous businesses in our community!

In addition to the grant money, our Hagerstown Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden have been faithful in giving us some of their excess food each week to be used to help feed our residents and our hundreds of guests from the community.

So if you’re not in the mood to mess up the kitchen or you just want a great meal, please be sure to stop by and support Red Lobster (1681 Wesel Blvd, Hagerstown) and LongHorn Steakhouse (1000 Prime Outlets Blvd, Hagerstown).


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