You Say Potato…

We want to send a big “THANK YOU” to the men’s group at Hope Hill United Methodist Church in Frederick, MD for their donation of potatoes to The Hope Center!

Each year, the men’s group at Hope Hill UMC sponsors the “Feed the Hungry Potato Drive”. The drive took place on March 31, 2012. The group then distributes the potatoes, free of charge, to area food banks.

This is the second year that we’ve received potatoes from this wonderful group. This year they gave us 25 -50# bags of potatoes!! That’s a lot of potatoes!

This generous gift will help keep our food costs down while also providing good food for our residents and all our daily guests!

Thank you, Hope Hill UMC men’s group, for caring so much for those in need! And thank you for thinking of us!

To learn more about Hope Hill UMC, check them out online at

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