Good Friday at The Hope Center

Each Good Friday, the staff and residents come together in the morning to have a special service commemorating the death and resurrection of Christ.

Following the service, everyone was invited to the dining commons to have a delicious lunch together. It isn’t often that the staff and residents are together in this manor so it’s nice to be able to have everyone mix and mingle and enjoy each others company.

We want to thank our head cook, Aleta, for creating the wonderful lunch today! Also, thanks to Becky, Sue, Nancy, Dorcas and Sharon for helping to prepare the dining area and serve the food.

Here are a few pictures of our “family” enjoying this important day together.

Aleta (L) and Sharon (R) serve up some delicious turkey and stuffing

Jose enjoying his lunch!

Dorcas (L) and Sue (R) prepare plates for residents and staff

Apparently Brad is really excited to get a deviled-egg!

Kevin, usually working in the kitchen, is able to sit down and enjoy a big plate of greens!

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easter together. Enjoy celebrating Christ’s victory over Satan, sin & death!!

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