St James Youth Honor God by Helping Others

On Sunday, we were privileged to have a group of students from St. James Brethren Church visit the Hope Center.

The kids are a part of The BYIC youth program at St. James Brethren Church in St. James, MD. Each month the students learn about a specific theme. The current theme is honor. They’ve been challenged to honor those who are different and those who are unpopular in society. They came to see how the Hope Center reaches out to people who are often overlooked or not accepted by society, just the way Jesus did.

The students were welcomed into the Hope Center chapel where they were given the opportunity to meet some of the residents and hear their stories. The residents who spoke to the kids gave great testimonies about life, the mistakes they have made, and the hope that Christ gives to turn your life around and become a new person. The men encouraged the kids to guard their hearts, be aware of the friends that they keep and always listen to their parents! While each resident’s story was about their darkest hour and the moment that God changed them, the kids connected with each story.

After the residents were finished, the kids were given a brief tour of the Hope Center. They learned about the transient (homeless) ministry and the food services that the Hope Center provides. They learned about the food bank program that the Hope Center is a part of and then they were given the opportunity to help pack some boxes of food for people in need.

The kids, along with three very efficient leaders, packed 60 boxes of food for our food bank ministry. Each student was given a specific task,such as assembing boxes,  attaching Hope Center labels to each box, and retrieving cans and other food items for each box.

The group had a great time putting the boxes together and actually did a great job working as a team to get the project finished.

Thank you to Sara for contacting us about ways to get her students involved with helping others! They were so open to hearing from the men and so excited to actually be put to work! It’s so refreshing to see young people who are excited about helping others!

It’s important to teach kids the value of loving others and practicing the principles that Jesus taught of helping the less fortunate and reaching out to those in need. We’re thankful for groups like BYIC and the many others who give of their time to learn about our ministry and then help us in the fight to end hopelessness.

The BYIC youth group meets every other Sunday in the ministry center at the church from 4-6pm. All youth from 2nd-12th grades are welcomed to attend. St. James Brethren Church is located at 17718 Lappans Rd in St. James. In addition to the monthly meetings, St James also has a summer camp program, Kings Kids Summer Kamp, for kids in grades K-5th. The church also has a state accredited child care program for infants of 6 weeks to 12 years old.

If you would like more information about the BYIC youth program at St James Brethren Church or you would like to know more about the church itself, jump over to or connect with the church on facebook.

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