Did You Know…

Many of you are aware of our Thrift Store in Hagerstown. But you may not be fully aware of our second store in downtown Chambersburg.

Store front at 50 S. Main Street in Chambersburg

In addition to our store located on our main property in Hagerstown, we also have a fantastic Thrift Store in Chambersburg. The Chambersburg store is open from 8:30am-4:15pm Monday through Saturday. You’ll find the same great selection of gently used clothing, shoes, house wares and furniture at our Chambersburg store as you‘ve come to expect in Hagerstown. So if you are a supporter of the Hope Center and you live in or around Chambersburg, here is another opportunity for you to help us reach those in need.

Our Chambersburg Thrift Store is filled with clothing, home decor, furniture and so much more!

The purpose of our Thrift Store program is twofold. One objective is to provide clothing, shoes, furniture, toys and house wares at low prices to make it affordable for families in need or on tight budgets to be able to keep their families clothed and their houses furnished. The other objective is to use the revenue generated from these two stores to help us keep our outreach ministries funded. The many programs that the Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission operates depend on the sales from our stores, in addition to monthly donations by individuals, churches, businesses and groups.

These stores help to fund the Hope Center budget so that we can keep our facilities open for anyone in need all year long!

So the next time you’re out shopping for clothing or any other items, be sure to check out our Thrift Stores in Hagerstown and Chambersburg. Your purchase helps to reach people in need in your community!

And every time you donate clothing, house wares or furniture, remember that you’re not just helping to clothe a person in need, you’re also feeding them and giving them shelter! It’s amazing how the shirt off your back can really help hundreds in need in your own backyard!

If you’re looking for some fun activities this weekend, check out Icefest 2012 in downtown Chambersburg. And while you’re there, drop by our store and check out the great deals!

Our Chambersburg store is located at 50 S. Main St in Chambersburg. There is parking in the rear of the store as well as limited street parking. For questions concerning our stores or for more info about this and the many other programs at the Hope Center, please call 301.739.1165, email us at hagerstownrescue@verizon.net or check us out online at www.hagerstownrescue.org.

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