A Wonderful Christmas Surprise!

The week of Christmas one Hagerstown family received an awesome Christmas gift – boxes of food!

A generous person in the community wanted the opportunity to give thanks to God by giving to others. So this person went to the grocery store and bought box after box of groceries for an anonymous family.

Just days before Christmas, the groceries were dropped off at our office and were ready to be delivered to the family of our choice.

After thinking about the many families that we work with in one way or another, a family was chosen.

Sarah with her father and brother

We chose to give the boxes of food to a family that is a part of our Wildside Kids ministry. For several years, Samantha & Sarah have been actively participating in our youth program. While at Wildside, they have always brought a ton of energy and excitement and never caused trouble. So naturally, we felt that since they are such good girls and have been so faithful to Wildside, their family should enjoy cabinets full of groceries.

As we delivered the groceries, the family was beyond excited to get all the great boxes of food! And the groceries came at a great time. As we were helping the family carry in the food, the girls father informed us how much this food was going to help his family since his hours at work had just been drastically cut back to only two days a week. God knew exactly what family needed the groceries!

We want to thank our generous friend for thinking of others and providing plenty of good food for a family that definitely needed the assistance. And we want to ask you to join us in praying for this family as well as the countless other families that are struggling through this terribly difficult economy.

1 thought on “A Wonderful Christmas Surprise!

  1. Dear Hope Center,
    Thank you Hope Center for always being open To God and letting Him lead you!
    I know first hand all the hard work that goes into the day to day operation. I ask God to keep you in His hands and honor all the work you all do!
    love and Blessings
    dale hoyt:)

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