It’s a Christmas Tradition!

Each year the young children from John Wesley Day Nursery (Potomac St, Hagerstown) purchase winter gear for kids in need in Hagerstown.

This year the children decorated their Christmas tree with the new gloves, hats and scarves all purchased to make sure that kids in Hagerstown stay warm through the winter months.

The families in our Wildside Youth program look forward to receiving new hats, gloves and scarves for their children each year. We are extremely thankful that Linda Baker and the rest of the staff and families of John Wesley Day Nursery give this kind donation each year. And it’s never too early to teach children the importance of giving to others and helping those in need!

If your children are in need or you know of a family that is struggling and could use hats, scarves and/or gloves for their children, please contact our office at 301.739.1165 or to request winter gear.

If you are interested in helping to make sure that kids in Hagerstown are warm this winter, just give us a call or email and see how you can get involved. Or you could just go to Target, Walmart or your favorite store and purchase child sized hats, scarves or gloves and drop them off at our Adminstrative Office.**

**If you would like to donate new hats, scarves or gloves for kids in need, please DO NOT drop them off at our donation drop/sorting building or our Thrift Stores. These specific items need to come to our Administrative Office to make sure they are given to families in need. Thanks!

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