Eagle Scout Helps Out!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it plenty of times more…we love our friends and neighbors that help us reach this community. From volunteers that help paint buildings to those that feed the hungry and others that help with our camp to donors that give their gently used clothes, housewares, furniture to people that give bags of food and financial donations, we rely heavily on the generous support of the kind-hearted people that live in this area.

And because of all the support that we get, both financially and in-kind gifts, we are able to reach those in need without taking any money from the government! This ministry is totally sponsored by caring people recognizing the need to help those less fortunate. And we thank each and every one of you for your support!

We especially love when young people get involved with helping others. Its nice to see the younger generation recognizing a need and getting involved to help meet those needs.

On Saturday, December 10th, a young man from Mercersburg, PA dropped off a ton of bags of clothes and boxes of food to the Hope Center.

Sonny Shank, Executive Director, with Chris Fritz of Mercersburg Academy

Chris Fritz, a 16 year old student at Mercersburg Academy, brought some of his family members to help him unload a pick-up truck full of donated items. As a part of an Eagle Scout project, Chris had a clothing and food drive from November 6th – December 6th. He had drop points in Maugansville, Hagerstown and at Mercersburg Academy. He was able to get his community involved in giving to others. While he could have chosen other projects in the area, we are extremely thankful that he chose to give to the Hope Center.

His donation, along with the many donations that we receive each day, go to help the homeless or individuals and families that are in desperate need. Food donated will be used in our kitchen that serves 5 meals a day or in food bags and boxes that are handed out to anyone in need of some assistance. The clothing and other in-kind items donated are either placed in our Thrift Stores (Hagerstown & downtown Chambersburg) or used to give to people in urgent need of specific items.

Again, we appreciate kind people like Chris and all the others that help us keep our doors open, lights on and our pantry stocked! As our economy continues to be shaky, there are many people that need a little help to make it through the tough times. It’s because of people like you that help us remind people that God cares for them and no matter what they are going through at this moment, there is always hope!

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