Antrim BIC Food Drive is a Christmas Blessing!

‘Tis the season to be thankful and we definitely are thankful for the generosity of the congregation from Antrim Brethren in Christ Church just north of Greencastle, PA.


The church recently held a food drive for The Hope Center and they supplied our pantry with a huge selection of food.


There was so much food that we totally filled a cargo van!


The food donated will be used to help feed our residents, SoupLine guests, overnight guests and fill many food bags for needy families in the area.

As food continues to rise in cost, we cannot stress enough how thankful we are to be supported by so many wonderful churches, civic groups, businesses and friends.

Each year we feed thousands of men, women & children through our various food programs. Generous food donations and food drives, like Antrim BIC, help us to keep our food costs down while still providing the necessary services to neighbors in need.

If you would like to donate food or sponsor a food drive, call 301.739.1165 or email to learn more.

If you’re looking for a church in to attend, check out Antrim Brethren in Christ Church. Go to to learn more about the church including service times and ways to get involved.

Thank You, Darden!

We are so pleased to announce that the Darden Restaurant Group has generously donated $3,000 from the Darden Foundation to The Hope Center to continue to help fight hunger in the greater Hagerstown area.

Darden Restaurants

The Darden Community Grants Program is a local grants program that helps to support nonprofit organizations focused on the issues of post-secondary education, preservation of natural resources or hunger.

Our Food Services Department feeds hundreds of people a week. Our kitchen serves 5 meals a day to our residents and community guests. In addition to hot meals served, The Hope Center is a part of the Washington County Food Bank program. We distribute bags and boxes of food to individuals and families in need of groceries.

We are so thankful for the Hagerstown Red Lobster, Olive Garden & Longhorn Steakhouse for supporting the work that we do at The Hope Center to feed the hungry in Hagerstown.

And when you go out to eat, please support these restaurants as they continue to support The Hope Center and the community.

Red Lobster logo 2011

Red Lobster is located at 1681 Wesel Boulevard in Hagerstown

Olive Garden 1

Olive Garden is located at 17410 Valley Mall Road in Hagerstown

longhorn logo 2

Longhorn Steakhouse is located at 1000 Prime Outlets Boulevard in Hagerstown

It’s a Tad Crowded

Every day at 1pm, 1:30pm on Sunday, our kitchen is host to our SoupLine program.

SoupLine is a free lunch experience for anyone in the community who needs a hot meal for free.

Five minutes before lunch is served, a Hope Center staff person leads a small devotional with an inspirational or motivational message followed by prayer.

As the economy continues to struggle, our numbers have been on the increase. We feed all types of people each day at SoupLine. From single men & women, to families and young adults, our kitchen has been busting at the seams.

Soupline crowd 6

As this economy keeps making it more difficult for people to afford food in addition to other expenses, we believe that our numbers will continue to rise. Unfortunately, we are already hitting capacity.

Now is the time that we start looking for new solutions to our dining issues. We’re beginning to look for options to expand to allow us more opportunity to reach people’s physical needs so that we can touch their spiritual needs as well.

Soupline crowd 3

As we begin to explore different options for the future of our food services ministry, please continue to support us as we feed hundreds of hungry people a week. Your continued financial support helps to keep our kitchen open for our daily guests. And any food donations help to keep our pantry stocked, not just for our residents or guests but also hungry families in desperate need of groceries.

While at the grocery store this weekend, why not pick up some extra items to donate to The Hope Center? We are always in need of these items:

  • Peanut butter (16 oz)
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Rice
  • Egg Noodles

If you are interested in donating items for our pantry or organizing a food drive, please call 301.739.1165 or email for detailed info.

What a Wonderful Year!

As we say goodbye to 2012, we look back at all the wonderful blessings that God has provided us.

We are so thankful for all of our supporters who have been so faithful this past year. From those who have financially supported us to those who have donated countless items for our Thrift Stores and food bank programs, we couldn’t reach our city without you! God has given us great friends and we are so happy to fight hopelessness in Hagerstown with you!

We want to thank all of our volunteers for helping to make this a banner year at The Hope Center! We’ve had so many individuals, churches, Scouts & other groups helping out all over The Hope Center. From painting, to cleaning, to cooking, to serving food, to packing food boxes, to preaching & teaching, to singing, to hosting Christmas parties & fundraisers, to helping at Camp Wild, our volunteers really help to make a difference in the lives of others! We appreciate all the time that each of you has invested this year at The Hope Center! And we hope to see you again in 2013!!

We especially want to say a big thank you to all of our staff! These devoted people sacrifice a lot to help keep the message of hope alive at The Hope Center. Our staff are hard-working, faithful people who understand the importance of this ministry to the lives of all of our guests. Each day is made possible because God supplied us with the best people to reach Hagerstown! We are so thankful for each person who is a part of our staff!

As we countdown to 2013 in just a few hours, please remember to keep The Hope Center in your prayers for the new year. Combating hopelessness is not the easiest task in a world like ours. Please pray that God continues to bless our ministry with faithful supporters, volunteers & staff.

And please remember to keep each precious guest of The Hope Center in your prayers. These people are the reason that we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We work tirelessly not just to give them something to eat or a place to sleep but to provide them with the answers and provide them with the hope of Christ.

If 2012 wasn’t spectacular for you, just remember that with each new day, and new year, God’s mercies are fresh and new. He’s able to do all things and with each rising sun there is a promise of something better.

It’s time to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013! May God continue to bless & protect you and your loved ones in this new year! Thanks again for being our friends and helping to change lives!

Happy New Year!

The Smiling Faces of Hope – Part 3

Enjoy taking some time to look at the beautiful faces of those who have been a part of this wonderful ministry. We are so thankful for everyone that has helped to bring hope to those in need and change lives for eternity!


The Smiling Faces of Hope

As we approach the end of the year, we want to take a look back at the many people who have been a part of The Hope Center. We value each guest, volunteer, staff person, Auxiliary lady & Board member. Keep checking back as we continue to post pictures of all of our friends & visitors at The Hope Center. Please continue to pray for this ministry as we bring the hope of Christ to Hagerstown!

Thanksgiving Feast Needs List

As we get close to the end of October, we will start gearing up for our Great Hagerstown Thanksgiving Feast! Preparations are already underway and our volunteer list is growing each day.

Many people have called us about serving on Thanksgiving Day but we know that being available that day is not an option for many people. Many of you would like to be a part of helping to feed the community but you’ll be tied up with family commitments, work or travel plans.

If you’re going to be busy or unavailable on Thanksgiving but would like to help us feed hundreds of people in Hagerstown, why not donate some food for the big day?

We use a lot of food for Thanksgiving Day. We provide a free buffet lunch for anyone in the community so we need to be well stocked for all of our hungry guests.

Our menu includes roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, succotash, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sauerkraut, assorted pies & more!

Donations of food for our Great Hagerstown Thanksgiving Feast are greatly appreciated.  Below is a list of items that are needed for that day.

  • #10 cans of corn and lima beans
  • Cans of sweet potatoes
  • #10 cans of fruit cocktail
  • Cans of sauerkraut
  • Frozen/fresh turkeys
  • Brown sugar
  • Jellied cranberry sauce
  • Potatoes

Any food donation that you give can really go a long way! If you are interested in helping to keep our pantry stocked for the winter months, below is a list of much needed food. If you are planning a food drive, use this list to help us keep frequently used items in stock.

For Our Pantry:

  • White rice
  • Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Sugar
  • #10 cans of green beans, peas and corn
  • Cold cereal (not kids’ cereal)
  • 15-16 oz. jars of peanut butter
  • Quick Oats
  • Tomato products (diced, whole, stewed, sauce or paste)
  • Coffee
  • Creamer

Thank you for being a part of feeding the hungry in Hagerstown. Your donation of a can of green beans or a jar of peanut butter may not seem like much to you, but it can be a symbol of hope and love for people in desperate situations. It’s truly amazing how God can use a can of soup to change a life!

If you would like to donate food, please call 301.739.1165 or email for more info and instructions. If you would like to host a food drive at your church, school, workplace or civic organization then please call or email for more information also. Thank you again for caring & sharing!

The Season of Hope

Now that summer is officially over, we are preparing for the winter weather and the increase of those who will need assistance. As the nights grow longer, many of the people we minister to will be forced to change their sleeping habits. Many of them will seek shelter and other assistance here at The Hope Center.

Of course, winter is the worst time of year for homeless & needy people. Displaced people look for shelter in abandoned buildings, cars or vans and even beneath bridge overpasses. Those with fixed incomes or those that live below the poverty line spend a large portion of their income to heat their homes leaving little left for groceries.

Thank God for The Hope Center which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! We can provide shelter, warm food, showers & toiletries, food bags and clothing/houseware assistance to people in need. In addition to meeting the physical needs of our neighbors, we also reach out to their spiritual needs as well. From daily chapel services, to Wildside kids activities, to Koffee Klatch, our weekly ladies Bible study, The Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission is here to give hope to anyone who needs it!

Giving hope and changing lives since 1955 is not just a slogan – it’s what The Hope Center is all about! With each new day, God grants each of us the hope of something better. And that’s why we do what we do at The Hope Center.

Because of your generous donations and continued support we’ve been able to reach thousands of people in Hagerstown! We want you to encourage you by sharing some statistics from the month of August. Your faithful support of God’s work here at The Hope Center is truly helping to make a difference in the lives of men, women & kids!

  • 22 families received free groceries in August
  • 5,230 meals served in August
  • 1,292 nights of safe shelter in August
  • Approximately 1,300 people received a hot meal during Soup Line
  • 1,620 people attended chapel services in August
  • Approximately 200 kids attended Camp Wild 2012 for free this summer

Thank you for your compassionate heart and for your part in restoring hope in the lives of hundreds of men, women and families! We are so grateful for your parternship with us!

If you are interested in volunteering, including serving on Thanksgiving Day, or would like to learn how you can partner with us to bring hope to Hagerstown, please call 301.739.1165 or email for more info.

We Love Our Boss!

October 16th was National Boss’s Day and we had a luncheon celebration to honor our great boss, Mr. Shank! We want to thank Sue & Becky Sue for planning and organizing the luncheon.

Since 1995, Mr. Shank has been leading The Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission. As Executive Director, Mr. Shank works hard making sure that every issue, problem and concern around the entire ministry is taken care of. But many may not know that each morning, Mr. Shank has devotions with the residents at The Hope Center. They spend an hour together studying God’s Word and memorizing countless verses.

At the heart of it all, Mr. Shank knows that the entire reason that The Hope Center exists is to see lives changed. From giving out free clothing to people, to after-school programs for kids, to food bags for families in need, to free drug & alcohol rehabilitation, Mr. Shank has kept the focus of the ministry on all the people in need in our community. He understands and fully realizes that the only way to truly help people is to give them the peace that only Jesus can give.

We all want to thank Mr. Shank for always putting God first in the ministry and loving people the way that Christ showed, unconditionally. God has given The Hope Center a great leader and we are more than thankful for his faithfulness to Christ and for always believing that even in the darkest of times, God is still capable of changing lives!

Thank you for supporting Mr. Shank, the staff & volunteers and all the ministries at The Hope Center that help to provide real hope to Hagerstown!

It’s Food Drive Season!

Pumpkins, corn mazes, crisp nights and football weekends – it’s harvest time!

This year as you celebrate the change of seasons with countless activities with your family & friends, maybe you could consider adding a food drive for The Hope Center to your list of seasonal activities!

Food drives are a great way of getting so many different types of people involved in the community. You can organize a food drive at a school, church, civic club, after-school club, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts troops or your workplace.

It’s an easy way of helping those who are hungry. The food that is donated from food drives goes to our pantry. It’s used for food bags for families & individuals in need and for our meals each day that are prepared for residents & guests.

By donating food, you’re helping to cut the cost of our food budget which allows us to use the money in other ways to help the community.

If you’re interested in hosting a food drive but need help planning or are just totally unsure about how to begin the process then please call 301.739.1165 or email

If you are a pro at food drives and would like to host one, please do! Below is a list of items desperately needed for our pantry. If you have any questions about items listed below or about foods not listed, please contact our offices so we can give you the best information.

Items Needed:

  • White rice
  • 15-16 oz jars of peanut butter
  • Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Sugar
  • #10 Cans of green beans, peas and corn
  • Cold cereal (not kids’ cereal)
  • Quick oats
  • Tomato products (diced, whole, stewed, sauce or paste)
  • Coffee
  • Creamer

If you are planning a food drive or just swinging by the store to pick up some items to donate, please drop them off at our offices during regular business hours, M-F 8:30am-5pm. If you are unable to do so during business hours, please call us or email us so that we can schedule a time to receive your donations.

Thanks to everyone in the community who helps to keep our doors open and our pantry stocked!